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Live tracking of all your daily club activities for learning, sharing and safety.

Benefits of TracTrac

Education and Skills

Improve sailor’s skills by extracting and offering analytical tools and revealing key performance parameters.


Enhance safety of sailors by providing overview of whereabouts of all sailors at all times and a single button alarm button for sailors in distress.

Visibility and Excitement

Increase visibility and engagement by offering a way for outsiders to watch, take part and understand the competition during and after racing.

Fanbase and Commercial Value

Increase commercial value by driving viewership and fan base and promoting sponsors in an attractive context.

Organizational Support

Increase quality and efficiency of race and regatta management by offering support for course laying, result registration and processing.

Independence and Ease

Get the kit and the login to the system and easily run high quality live tracking yourself without having to depend on complicated manuals or support.

  • The system is a great service to our members and it gives a lot back to the sailors. We use them weekly at our regattas and the system is easy to use, nice to look at and is a great analytical tool for our sailors. We have a good relationship with TracTrac and look forward to further use.

    Jan Petter Gamborg-Nielsen, Daily Manager Oslo Yacht Club
  • Today a sailor of the class "30m2 Schärenkreuzer“ was talking to me about this years Bodensee RUND UM. He was totally enthusiastic about this year’s "brilliant Live Tracking 2015“. It was intuitive, stable and reliable and showed everything that an analytical sailor wants to see. The help function explained everything very well!

    Alexander Gerstner, Bodensee Rund Um, Sponsor and Event Management
  • TracTrac has been a great advance for Queen Mary Sailing Club. The calmness and efficiency to deliver tracking was superb, this was one of the key reasons we went with TracTrac. The TracTrac team has been very supportive and really passionate about making it work.

    Tony Bishop, Club Secretary Queen Mary Sailing Club
  • I would also like to say that our tracking system has been very well received in the club. Its used in our H-Boat class with weekly races and with our Optimist sailors also.

    Sandefjord Seilforening, Board Member Gaute Stakston


Viewing the tracking

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The tracking device
  • How does the device work?

    The tracker used at most events is a small 60-gram device containing GPS, mobile connection and battery. The device will sample the position of the competitor at frequent intervals and send the data to the TracTrac system via the mobile network.

    For events with special requirements we use other types of trackers.

    For events taking place outside mobile coverage we offer satellite-based trackers.
    For events with very high requirements to low latency we offer UHF trackers running on a local radio network.

  • Is the device waterproof?

    The device is IP65 certified (i.e. it is resistant to sprinkles and dust). For optimal protection of the devices it should always be sealed in a waterproof bag provided by TracTrac.

  • What happens if the device looses connection?

    If the tracking device looses the connection to the GSM network it will buffer the data in the internal memory and send them through as soon as the connection is re-established.

  • How long time does the battery last?

    The device has a battery life of 14 hours on the standard configuration. If needed the device can be configured to less frequent sampling and transmission to make the battery last for several days or even longer.
    The device can easily be put to sleep and have the sampling and transmission profile changed remotely, which allows turning the device on several hours or days before the race starts.

Running an event
  • What do I get from TracTrac?

    Tracking devices (incl aquapacs and chargers) equipped with sims all ready to go.
    An event page on where all your races will be published.
    A login to the Event Manager, which is our easy-to-use online service for setting up and running live tracking.

  • What do I need to run tracking at my event?

    Have a look at our one-pager outlining what you need to run live tracking at your event.

  • Do I need onsite support at my event?

    With the easy-to-use Event Manager you will be able to setup and run live tracking without the need of anyone from TracTrac to be onsite. Naturally we are available for online support on phone and mail to answer any question that you might have and ensure that everything will run smoothly.

    If you prefer we are of course happy to come to the event and run everything for you.

  • How does TracTrac improve safety?

    The TracTrac viewer gives a complete and instant overview of the whereabouts of all tracked persons at any time. In addition the device has a one-press alarm button that sends sms and e-mail to a designated recipient (e.g. the coach or the race director) with its exact location.

  • What does tracking do for the sponsors of my event?

    Tracking is a powerful tool to attract spectators onsite and online and give value to the sponsors of the event. Read our short guide on how to give value to your sponsors.

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