Making hard-to-follow sports engaging with real time GPS tracking

We give visibility to the sport, engage the spectator and drive fan base and sponsor value by revealing and visualizing the key moments of hard-to-follow-sports in real time.

About TracTrac

Founded in 2005, TracTrac is owned and run by the founders. We all come from a long background in sports as elite athletes or coaches and build on a strong passion for showing our sport to the world and delivering the excitement, understanding and key moments of sports that are otherwise hard to follow.


TracTrac Event

Make your event come alive with real time tracking to the excitement of fans, media and sponsors.

TracTrac Club

Open up your club with live tracking of all your daily club activities for learning, sharing and safety.


TracTrac Custom Solutions

Creative and advanced real time tracking solutions for that special project, event or occasion.

Offices and partners


Our dedicated local partners around the world help ensure a first class service

TracTrac APS

Diplomvej 373

2800 Lyngby, Denmark


+45 46 933 688

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